Jason Dames

Founder & Personal Trainer


Final Start Fitness was born out of my desire to use my passion for healthy living and equipping people with the proper tools and motivation to help them succeed.

For too long I watched as those closest to me struggled to reach their goals which has led me to ask deep questions as to why this is. The more I have learned has made me come to the conclusion that the reason people have struggled with their goals had more to do with false marketing and bad information that continued to lead them into a worse metabolic condition than before they started.

Final Start Fitness is the result of my journey to better understand and maximize people's  health. It is my hope that together we can help you achieve what it feels like to look good, feel good and live in the confidence of knowing that this is your Final Start.

Final Start Fitness is comprised of an amazing team of people. Our goal is to radically change the way people view there health by providing outstanding information, accountability and motivation to transform your body to its full potential. Our Passion is our commitment to serving in a capacity that is unparalleled to most of what is offered in the fitness industry. This mission is carried out by taking the whole body mind and soul and creating a plan around five key areas which include Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress & Toxins.

The team at Final Start Fitness are Certified Personal Trainers through American College of Sports & Medicine. They are also Certified Nutrition Specialist through Percision Nutrition. Continued Education and Credentials are essential to learning everything they can to help you Succeed!!

Final Start Fitness key areas of interest are weight loss, health & longevity, strength & stability, muscle building and body transformation. This translates into helping you make your FINAL START!!!

Jason Dames is a son, husband, dad and personal trainer. Jason's love for God constantly challenges him to live a life that encourages others to love God and seek ways to authentically live out their faith.

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