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The right Information, Accountability & Motivation to make this your Final Start.

Group Training

Jason Dames

Founder & Personal Trainer

it's time to shut the inner voice saying you can't

You have struggled with low self confidence. You think about your weight 24 hrs a day. You have tried and failed so many things that you don't even believe it's possible to lose the weight! It's time for real long term weight loss by fixing the root causes.

We will teach you habits in 5 areas that will create healing in your body resulting in long term weight loss. These 5 areas are:

-Nutrition        -Exercise

-Sleep              -Stress



We're Better–Together

We are going to do away with the one-size-fits-all philosophy and their failure to consider your metabolic damage, body composition, lifestyle, stress and activity levels.

During your 1st Session we are going to...

1. Identify conditions hindered your success

3. Commit to making this your Final Start.

2. Customize your fitness plan

4. Determine your nutritional needs

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